Breeding Philosophy

We utilize the most advanced breeding/fibre production technologies available, this includes SRS® and AGE – Across-herd Genetic Evaluation for alpaca. This combined with visual measurements and detailed herd analysis, including  shearing, nutrition, reproduction & health management  is enabling us to fine tune selection and achieve rapid improvement.



Our breeding program selects for:

A. Fleece

• Skin density over 60 follicles per mm2
• Silky soft and lustrous with minimal guard hair, high secondary to primary follicle ratios
• Fine low micron with no blowout as animal ages
• Long thin matchstick sized staples – moving towards twice yearly shearing
• Deep bold crimp

Benefits = longevity of production, high fleece weights
and greater comfort

B. Frame and Breeding Attributes

• Strong, straight and deep bodied
• Good cria growth rates, aiming for 50 kg at 12 months
• Clean faced
• Females ready to join at 12 months
• Good mothering ability with high yield of quality milk.

Benefits = robust health, higher production, easier shearing and healthier cria

C. Temperament

• Gentle and calm temperaments

Benefits = easy to handle and greater productivity

Breeding structurally sound commercially productive alpaca with superior performing fleece.