Alpacas in Hot Weather

This is our third day over 40 degrees celsius and there is still more forecast, whilst that may not be unusual for some it certainly feels hot for us down here in Melbourne, Victoria.

To help keep the alpacas cool, we have done the following:-

1. Move them all to paddocks with plenty of shade all day through
2. Ensure water troughs were clean and remain cool during the day. If water troughs are small and left in direct sunlight they can easily become very hot.
If water troughs are prone to overheat you can make big ice blocks (ice cream container size) and place them in the trough or empty and refill during the day or place an additional water source in shade.
3. A child’s plastic shell pool filled with water and placed in the shade provides hours of entertainment.
Liana Bath again
4. A sprinkler in the evening when it cools down or if alpacas are overheating at any time.

Below are some photos of our girls enjoying the sprinkler yesterday evening.

Martyna’s cria is due at the end of the month, she greatly appreciated the chance to cool off.

Liana loved it the most, perhaps her colour has something to do with that!!

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